Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This beautiful year is ending and another one awaits us. New beginnings! CHANGE!! Such possibilities! Here's to a wonderful start to a new year - 2009!

The gleaming white crescent
Moon casts out a shining
Light, illuminating all
On this chilly winter's
New Year's night
Illuminating hope
And possibilities,
For all to flourish
At new beginnings

Friday, December 26, 2008

This story is a bit different for me. I usually do not write from the fantasy perspective, but it was refreshing to let the imagination run freely. Sometimes I feel like just letting go in writing and letting the imagination go where it wants and needs to go. As a child I loved the thought of Pegasus, unicorns, or any magical creature, they all captured my interest and fed my imagination. When I came across this writing prompt from Heather Blakey at the writing site SoulFood Cafe I had to write a story to get my imagination flowing. Here is the result. Thank you Heather for providing a fountain of ideas to spark creativity!

For days and days, tour after tour, I traveled to remote, populated, and exotic places. On the fifth day we docked in the Gulf of Corinth to visit Greece. I fell in love with the gorgeous clear blue water and warm salt breeze that greeted us. After much debating, we all decided one stop had to be Mount Helicon. The group laughed and joked about having to keep our eyes peeled for the famed winged Pegasus of Hippocrene. As we ate lunch I would occassionally steal looks at the azure sky which had a few puffy white clouds. Every time I looked up I felt silly, embarrassed by my childish fantasy, eager to see Pegasus that only exists in myths, figments of wild imaginations. People began cleaning up where we ate, then began gathering their things.

The assignment while we were there was for each of us to find a secluded spot to write, reflect, contemplate, sketch, create and capture some spontaneous ripple of inspiration. I was intoxicated by my surroundings. I went to the aged rocks of the Hippocrene. Furry green moss cushioned where I sat with my back against an ancient stone wall. I looked in the blue green water, sighed a contented sigh, let my breath out slowly. The day had grown hot and the cool stone felt great to my heated flesh. I gazed wistfully, taking in the soothing sound of a trickling water, the sway of the trees blowing gently in the wind, the smells of divine flowers wafting to my nose; my senses engaged to my surroundings.

Finally I took out my journal wanting to capture what I saw and felt, realizing words could never completely describe what I was experiencing. In the warm sun's rays I let my head loll gently back onto the rock wall. I squinted into the sun, then I sat in a day dream looking up into the gorgeous sky. Lost in a transcendental moment I was suddenly snapped back into reality by a magnificient sight. A speck in the distance caught my eye. Something huge and white was gliding in slow wide circles across the endless blue sky. Shielding my eyes from the bright sun, I tried to get a better look at the object. Still all I could make out were enormous snow white wings. As it slowly descended, getting closer, I gasped. The most beautiful with wings, the famed Pegasus, landed gracefully a good distance away from me, then trotted over to greet me. I stood mesmorized, not able to take my eyes from him.

Pegasus swished his tail, stamped his feet, threw back his mane. He was the most beautiful creature. We stared, sizing one another up. With what seemed like an eternity, I finally worked up the courage to ever so slowly extend my hand to Pegasus' nose. I took a deep breath as I felt his soft fur. He blinked at me with his sweet chocolate brown eyes, then nuzzled my hand. I fed him some left over purple grapes, patted him on the side playfully. I smiled as I began to rub his fur and comb my fingers through his silky mane. Then he bowed to me. Puzzled by his behavior, I did not understand this at all. Pegasus snorted and nodded his head to me. I looked into his eyes which were filled with love and fiery life. An unspoken command surged from him to me, comprehension dawned on me. Without any hesitation, I walked beside him, gently holding onto his side, I threw my leg over, climbed onto Pegasus' back. He immediately stood up. I seemed to be sitting on top of a mountain; little gasps of happiness, exhilaration, and nervousness escaped from my lips as he joyfully pranced. Then with one giant unexpected leap we were in the air; we flew higher and higher. The tree tops became tiny pin pricks as the grass became small squares covering the tapestry of land. We were warmed by bright sun as a cool breeze swept over us from all sides. At times the wind was strong, but Pegasus had a destination and his goal was to get us there. I had no idea where his determined flying would take me, all I cared about was the freedom that I felt gliding through the air on that beautiful strong creature's back.

We continued to fly on and on, day turned to night. The creamy cobalt sky was thick with stars as they twinkled and the moon glowed with a warm amber light. I giggled as the wind blew my hair out, fanned it behind me, tickled my face. Pegasus glanced down then turned his head slightly toward me to let me know it was time to land; we began our slow descent. I understood him, we again had unspoken communication vibrating between us. When we landed with a gentle thud I was almost disappointed. But when I stepped off Pegasus, he looked me straight in the eyes, telling me the adventure was far from over. He nudged my hand as if to guide me. On the ground we walked a silver moon lit path through a meadow surrounded by trees. I trusted Pegasus, letting him lead the way into the unknown. We walked to the edge of some woods. That is when I first noticed a house, a little cottage, set back in the trees with smoke billowing from the chimney.

Pegasus prodded me on; before I knew it I was at the door of the cottage only to discover it was open. He stood so close, not giving me an inch to move, he wanted me to go inside. I peeked in the door then stepped inside reluctantly. The room was cozy and inviting. I couldn't resist it; I walked into the center of the room, took in my surroundings, from floor to ceiling four walls lined with book shelves filled with books, from the comfy overstuffed pale green chair beside a roaring fire, to the desk at the window with a view of the meadow and woods. Gathering myself I walked to the door to have a look in the other rooms. In the next room I found a kitchen and dining room table. The next room was a bedroom and the last was a bathroom with a huge claw foot tub. I thought in that second, oh to take a hot bubble bath in that!

The room laden with books captured my attention again. I wandered back to the library looking at the shelf nearest to me. Books of poetry, short stories, novels, cookbooks, books on art, and of every subject lined each and every surface. I browsed and browsed, finally spotting the camouflaged ladder built into the book shelf. So I climbed up to see the books on the top most shelves. I collected several books of poetry to explore. Quickly I climbed down to sit in a chair beside the fire. I read poem after poem, devouring them. I stared into the fire for a very long time watching orange-red, blue-white flames. Finally I was compelled to go to the desk beside the window. On the black wood spacious desk I found lilac assessories: a pencil holder, file container, paper, but all green pencils and pens. I sat down at the big desk marveling at the contrast of colors; the dark of the desk, the light lilac and pale green, all blended and meshed to become a contrast in beauty.

I began to write about meeting Pegasus, of his glorious mane and the unspoken communication between us. I was so absorbed in writing, I was in the moment, I barely paid attention to how warm it was inside, how drowsy I was becoming. Finally I dozed off to sleep in a deep sleep, only to be jolted awake a few minutes later as someone called my name. I slowly opened my eyes and found the group of people I was traveling with staring down at me. I was lying on the rocks in the warm afternoon sun on the banks of the Hippocrene. One of my friends said, "Wow, looks like you wrote a good long story before you drifted off to sleep!" I lifted my journal, read the entry about my encounter with Pegasus. I smiled and squinted once more to the open azure sky above just in time to see a quick white flicker dart behind some trees.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I absolutely love this time of the year! People seem happier, are more conscious and willing to lend a hand to help others more than any other time during the year. It's wonderful to help those who need our attention the most, our forgotten and ignored, who need to be remembered; for me personally to go the extra mile to make their life easier, happier, lessen burdens, and bring a smile to their face, but I also have to remember to extend myself to everyone I come in contact with. I want to believe in the magic of kindness, of shared humanity, not only during this time but always. I also think once we take care of ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally, and nurture our souls, then we can move to extending that care to others. With all of this in mind I was inspired to write this poem.

In this season of baubles and bows
Battle for authentic voice
To be heard above the endless chatter
Is a daily struggle
In an ego driven world.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Premio Dardos

WOW! Thank you Christina at Soul Aperture for sharing this award with me; this means a lot to me. I am inspired daily by Christina's compassion and love for this world, her life, her family, and others. How she views this precious life is evident in her photography and her writing to accompany her photographs. She is a role model to her own children along with anyone who comes in contact with her. Her work is amazing and she is such an authentic, honest, fun person. I am very blessed to have found her in this vast blog world and now call her a dear friend. You know if you had not already given me this award I would give it back to you Christina.

There are so many amazing blogs that people develop with such creativity, vitality, and honesty. When I post writing it comes from my heart, I see my writing as an extension of myself and how I am able to make sense of the world. When any kind of art, or creative endeavour comes to fruition to be shared then it inspires and ignites that spark in someone else. This is an award that is given to acknowledge blogs that have cultural, ethical, literary and personal values.
With that "criteria" in mind I'm sharing this award with these people:

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Layers of my
Psyche lies the
Fire light of
When all
Falls away,
Only God's love
All else is in

Monday, November 24, 2008

Life's wilderness
Pale, early Autumn sunlight
Streams through trees
Irridescent hue
Sky, surreal blue,
A few puffy white
Clouds glide past
Pure, virginal contrast,
To nature's vibrant colors
Chaos in harmony.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I was tagged by Christina from Soul Aperture to share 7 things about myself. This is exciting to do. I think because we take ourselves as we are sometimes, the little things that make us unique are not processed, it's just automatic. This is a perfect way to really think about yourself. I like this a lot. Thank you Christina!

1. I love creative writing, especially writing poetry.

2. I have been a vegetarian for a year and a half. I was a vegetarian in college for several years, then fell back into eat meat. A year and a half ago I became a vegetarian again and see this as a lifelong committment to myself. I feel healthier without eating meat. I also don't condemn other people who eat meat because they are doing what is right for themselves and I respect that.

3. I love to draw and paint. Not to say that I am good at drawing, painting, or writing, but I love to be creative and have fun creating.

4. I love to read and read all types of genres.

5. I love all types of music but I can not sing well or play a musical instrument. I think I could actually be tone deaf.

6. I am a teacher. I love when a child begins to read. The expression on their face when they see words they know, string them slowly together, and comprehend that the words they are reading are words they know and they read it by themselves is wonderful; it is truly priceless.

7. I am a procrastinator and put things off until the last possible minute. I think that I work better at the last minute and do not have time to second guess myself.

Ok, I can't wait to hear from:
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Michelle at In Search of Infinite Bliss
Frankie at Soul of A Dreamer
The Will of One

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

When my alarm clock went off this morning I heard Senator John Lewis rejoicing on the morning radio station I listen to. It was a wonderful way to start my bright and sunny day. I am relieved and so very happy to know we have a Democrat back in office and that is Barack Obama. He is living proof that any dream and aspiration a person has, if the goal is sincerely thought with good intention, a person will achieve and live their dream, ultimately helping others. He is not only the person who will do his best to mend a broken hearted nation, but the world.

I support our nation and our troops. I am proud of the men and women who risk their lives daily to ensure that people are kept safe, but now it is time to look at a way to bring them home to their families. This time is way overdue and now we will begin to see this happen because of Barack Obama. He believes in a strong family and that can begin to take place with more of our troops back in our country leading and living peaceful lives, not fighting. I feel like now I can be proud of our nation, our troops, and the wonderful leadership that starts with a new President. Barack Obama is what this country has been waiting for to bring fresh new ideas, concepts, policies, and to think outside the box to come up with innovative solutions that we can all be proud of and be able to stand behind to support. I feel warm happiness as I know that he will do everything, give every issue his 110% and work for everyone.

Every decision that the President makes effects everyone in our country and throughtout the world. We are all connected; there is a common connection between every single person. In that web of continuous connection the link is love. I feel love and hope growing again in America and our world. Let it catch hold in our hearts and grow to engulf all that you do in your life. There is so much inspiration emanating from President elect Barack Obama that it is contagious. I am so proud of Barack Obama and the United States of America right now to have taken such a leap in our democracy. Words are inadequate to fully express the impact this will have on everyone and to ingest this much needed change. I am very proud; pride swells in my heart.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I am so happy I waited until today to vote because I absolutely loved to feel the excitement as I was there voting. Truly, I knew standing in line, people were making history and making our country and world a better place as we casted our ballots. This is such a beautiful country and world. Our President's actions, reactions, and policies, set the stage and an example around the globe.

Yes, we are on the cusp of history, with winds of change blowing through our country and ultimately our world, scattering seeds of hope!

YES OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some days are just so wonderful, most days are. There is always a steady stream of optimism coursing through my veins and body. The best description is this: sometimes optimism pops, bursts, flows through me, where I feel it’s energy everywhere. I then think of something I read by Jack Kornfield where he says, “We remember our original nature, the boundless heart which contains all things, yet is not limited by them.” In those moments when everything just seems to fit together cohesively that is when we are our original selves. We are filled with light and when we allow our authentic, original part of us shine, the light only gets brighter and brighter. When our light does get brighter, we send it out into the world making it a better more uplifted place.

“All positive energy to the benefit of all living things.” I read this quote several months ago and have written it on a post it note which is on my computer so when I am writing poetry or talking to a friend it is a reminder right there in front of me. I read it everyday like a mantra that is getting memorized by my body, mind, and spirit in hopes it penetrates all aspects of my life so that it can be part of my light, to be shared with others. What we convey to others is brought back to us, making our light stronger or dimming our light. This quote reminds me that I want to send out positive energy to others because ultimately what I do to others is what I do to myself. Love yourself, be your authentic voice, true, and let your light shine bright!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I just started reading a new book called Through Painted Deserts, which inspired me to write this poem.

If I were a wanderer,
A gypsy, casting all worldly
Goods aside to live outside
Of walls, only the sky as
My ceiling and
Grass as carpet,
I would watch stars
Cutting holes of light
Through the night
Burning without knowledge
Of their beauty
We are all really
Gypsies, and wanderers
In this glorious life.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Many times people should have their attention brought to face the harsh realities of poverty because everyone has the routine of their own lives and often times this subject is not thought of. It is difficult to think of poverty, of people doing without the necessities, when you are the person who has been blessed with so many privileges. In many instances people don’t think about it because of the feelings that arise, such as guilt for having so much, or sadness that our world is filled with many people suffering from poverty, or helplessness because a person feels one person can not make a difference, or anger at the people who do have the ability, money, to make a difference in the lives of others but don’t and will not. We can all make a change, whether small or large, the positive act of helping is still making a difference in the lives of others.

I believe that fighting against something only makes what we are fighting for happen. I believe in setting my energy for positively acting on things that I am for. I am for ending poverty.

I have written a poem about poverty. I am by no means taking a frivolous attitude about such a serious topic. I am trying to convey that instead of taking action by helping others we look the other way thinking the tragedy of poverty will go away. Every small action that we can take will help and we can all work together to make a difference, to show people there is another way of life.

In the bookstore
I sit back and sip
Maple white mocha,
Scan articles
On meditation,
To nourish the soul -
Down the road
A girl goes without
Running water.
In my insular bubble
I read on,

Every Tuesday morning
As I drive to work
I see the same woman
Waiting at the Public bus stop
On her way to collect
Her weekly welfare check;
Back at her house
Her husband molests
Their children.

The world keeps turning.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thank you Christina from Soul Aperture for the wonderful friendship award! Your friendship is such a blessing and means the world to me!
Thank you to these people for their creativity, inspiration, sassiness, grit, and honesty!

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Monday, October 06, 2008

I woke up on Saturday morning early just because of being in the routine of getting up early Monday through Friday. So as I watched the sunrise I sat sipping mocha and writing.

I watched
The golden
Sun birthed
From darkness
Shedding it's
Cloak of stars

Monday, September 29, 2008

On the drive home from yoga the sky was a gorgeous contradiction of vivid color with the setting sun sliding into dusk. Would I have noticed this spectacular act of nature if I had not been flowing over with awareness from the relaxed yet energized yoga I had just experienced? Maybe, maybe not. It is about taking the time, taking the moment in which we are in to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us always. The beauty is there we just have to notice it, to open ourselves to the beauty, to ourselves, to life, to live, to the world; to live our life passionately.

Yoga opens me. The experience of it opens me to possibilities, boundless, limitless life that is meant to be fully lived, completely aware, and completely happy.


We breath into the parts of our body that are tense, bringing breath to those areas, giving those areas light, warmth, then to loosen. Our teacher said this evening to surrender into the posture. Don't endure it, to really let go and feel it. Those words resonate in me. To me that used to be a contradiction. How can I feel it, surrender to it, yet not endure it if there is a challenge? The aha moment this evening was to just let it be just as it is. The particular moment we are in is perfect just as it is. This "it" can be anything in life.

I am coming to realize, with experience, doing yoga is not just about the postures, but the coming together, from perceived fragmentation to wholeness.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bars filled with
Mists of smoke
And mirrors all
A mirage, a facade
To mask and hide
The real person;
Can never find solace there

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The temperature has dropped considerably here. For the first time I sense fall around the corner. Some of the leaves have started to turn yellow, along with cooler temperatures, which all signal autumn. I love the fall season, it is my favorite time of year. The world takes on a vibrancy with colors and a crisp chill that is in the air. The brilliant fiery colors of the leaves and foliage speak of their true nature in this world. All of this combined makes me feel awakened, alive with new ideas, all of my senses more in tune to everything in life. The smells of nature become sharper in fall; the clear blue sky, which can only be described as azure or sapphire is gorgeous. The whole world beautiful, cooling down after a sweltering summer. I realize now it is still a bit early for fall, but there are signs telling us it is on it's way and this makes me very happy.

Yoga on Monday was wonderful! I gently twisted into positions that I never thought I could get into, was focused and concentrated which took me out of my everyday thinking, leaving the chaos of the mind behind. There was a centering meditation time, which focused on our breathing, at the beginning of the class. The instructor presented the class with the intention of gratitude, she brought our focus back several times to the intention set at the beginning of class. Then we did postures for 45 minutes. Then at the end there was another centering time where we focused our concentration on breathing consciously. I didn't think it was possible but at the end I was both energized but relaxed also. Instead of my breathing being an ignored reflex it became a connecting point of awareness, life, vitality, making the full circle back to gratitude. I still can not express completely, fully, appropriately this experience because it was so very different from my own unstructured practice by myself. Was it group dynamics and energies working together; being so focused, centered, aware; the body, mind, consciousness/soul connection; or all of these things combined that made me feel so wonderful?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tomorrow evening I start my first yoga class. I have been interested in yoga for years, practicing on my own and with videos, but this will be my first structured class. I am very excited but also nervous about it. Checking out and participating in a structured yoga class was a goal I set for myself at the beginning of 2008. I have spent all this time researching and looking for a class that I thought I could get the most from and learn the most. It is Pranakriya yoga that focuses on breathing while in the postures, promotes relaxation and will help to deal with everyday stresses. I think that all yoga would have these benefits but this type spoke to me and what I am looking for in a class. I can't wait and I am so looking forward to it!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Last week there were storms almost daily. We definitely needed the rain, so that was a welcome sight. I love storms; nature's power and beauty are phenominal. I find most of my inspiration from and in nature; the weather inspired this poem:

Overhang of clouds
Grey and dismal
A foreboding of the
Late summer
Storm to come;
Flashes of light
Reveal the pink
Under belly of sky
Before scissor sharp
White lightning
Streaks across a
Starless night
Crashes of thunder
Echoes in the distance

Saturday, August 23, 2008

People lose themselves
To the things they
Seek and crave
The essence of
Being lies in
Love -
Your search is in vain
Remember -
Only love

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A few weeks ago I got together with an old friend. We met 13 years ago in college. We talk on the phone 2 to 3 times a week and often daily. It had been a while since she and I had got together to go out and then spend some time talking face to face. I drove to her house, we talked, went out to dinner, then back to her house. The two of us talked and laughed for hours. We ended up talking as sunset turned to dusk, which turned into night. As I drove home in the middle of the night I felt a happy contentment that only comes with getting together with a cherished friend. That is when I remembered a wonderful book I read at the beginning of summer. The main character in the novel was named Sammar, pronounced like summer. Someone asked her why her parents named her that and she said Sammar means deep conversation between friends that lasts way into the night. There is something about those long talks between friends which last for hours that hold meaning for people; those seem to be the best conversations, so meaningful. I hope that everyone gets to experience sammar more often to bring us closer together, more understanding, clarity, and deeper friendships.

Monday, July 14, 2008

This poem was written after I had just spent some time praying and meditating.

The labyrinth
Of my heart
Burns with goodness
Majestic colors
Unite and ignite
In my soul
Sky blue
Expanding with
Each breath
I haven't updated in a while. I was busy most of March, April, and May wrapping up the end of the year teaching paperwork. Then I taught summer school the month of June, which was only half days and very rewarding to see how much the students grow and get ready for the next grade level. So July is a time when I get back to being fully engaged instead of on autopillot trying to get everything finished. A new goal is to cultivate an awareness and engagement with all things all the time. I can accomplish this some of the time but not all of the time. After a restful break my concentrated awareness will last several months until work gets stressful again. I am working hard with strategies at this point to remember to remind myself when things do get stressful that I can be more fully engaged. I plan on keeping these strategies in place, kind of in a reservoir for when I need them most.

The first week of July was clear of all demanding tasks. I felt a little untethered and restless because when you go from being task oriented for months and months and finally it's time to settle down for a while, I felt lost almost. It was the first time I did not have any to do list since Spring Break. I went to the beach for Spring Break and had a wonderful time.

I went to Asheville for summer vacation last week and had an even better time than I did at the beach. I absolutely love the mountains. There is a calming energy that soothes me when I am in the mountains. The trip to the mountains for the week was just the tonic that I needed. I loved sitting out on the deck of the cabin looking across to mountain peaks and down to the lush green valley below me. I enjoyed touring Biltmore, going to the botanical gardens at UNC, I walked a few of the trails there and loved that, and toured downtown historic Asheville. I loved going to the art galleries, antique shops, all the speciality shops there. There is an eccelectic taste in the town that bites of originiality, uniqueness, and this in turn brings it out in yourself. At least it does for me. I especially loved one coffeehouse that stands out in my mind, The Green Sage. It has delicious lattes, almond coconut mini cupcakes, and a terrific atmosphere. It is on a corner of the street and you see all the people passing by going to their desitinations. I sat there drinking my latte, watching the world go by both inside the coffeeshop and outside also. I went there several times and did a little writing also. The place's atmosphere is very conducive to writing.

Coming from struggling to get everything done in a certain amount of time to having an abundant amount of "open" time takes some getting used to. With a little bit of patience and nurturing myself I now feel I'm centered and balanced which leads to happiness, or because of happiness I now feel centered and balanced. I feel the coming together, the cohesion, everything melding, and now I have again found my creative voice.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

In the dark night
It is only me that
Fills the silence
A natural rhythm

Monday, March 03, 2008

Evening light
Plays across
The dining room table
Dappled and dancing
Doves coo their peaceful
Melody, winter wind
Carries the song aloft

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The days have begun to gradually get longer with noticeable more sunlight. This makes me smile a huge smile. Although I know some of the coldest days and nights still await us, the knowledge of more sunlight warms and fills me with optimistic happiness.
Ripples reflect
A changing image
Days race on
Stark, barren trees
Dark against a
Sapphire sky

Monday, February 18, 2008

In the essence

Of my being

I hear creativity's

Urgent whisper

Which my

Soul craves

If I am only still

And quiet enough

To listen