Thursday, May 13, 2010

We all build
Nests of hope
Inside our heart,
Clustered, in glowing
Chambers, cherished
For their innocence.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I am starting a new project for myself. I am calling it Healthy Living - makes me think of the phrase that kept popping into my head months ago - Living Whole Heart and Soul. This is the first day and will encompass every aspect of life. Through recent events of my father being in the hospital for three weeks after having to have open heart surgery, along with the stress, heartache, and sadness that go along with seeing your father this way, then to have him back on the road to recovery, has given me a whole new outlook on life. We are given one precious life to be lived to the fullest. In living it to the fullest one of my main goals is to love and show kindness to everyone and to take the time to stop and see the beauty in everyday life, no matter how busy or stressed I am at the time. Another aspect of healthy living is also to exercise daily. I have to incorporate this in my life. I am a vegetarian but have slipped into just grabbing things on the go since I had limited amount of time to sit down for a slow healthy meal that I truly enjoy. I have exercised already this morning, ate breakfast which was one buscuit with cheese. I plan on making myself a salad in a few minutes. My reward for excerising and eating well this morning will be to go to the bookstore, prowl around for some good reads, and have a soy decaf peppermint mocha. Then I plan on going for a walk in the park to look at the gorgeous spring that is blooming before my eyes. Right this minute I am in love with Life!