Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!
I'm thankful to have been blessed with another Christmas with my mom and dad!
This is a little poem that kept running through my mind and I was inspired to write this morning.

Memories Contained

After all the hoopla
I went back into the
Room, which was now
Filled with silence
The walls and furnishings held
Of past Christmas, birthday
Parties, socials, get togethers,
Sleeples nights, lazy afternoons,
Filled with movies, books read,
Journals written in, scraps of words escaping,
Dreams, phone conversations,
Through laughter, tears,
Secrets, friendships lost and found,
Family and
All memories contained
Within four mortar and
Plaster walls,
Memories contained in flesh, bone,
Blood, mind,
Heart and soul
Precious memories