Sunday, July 19, 2009

The vacation to the beach was fun. I had a good time there. I am in constant awe of Mother Nature and the beauty that surrounds us daily. Nature is a gift given to us from God, a vision of miracles that only He could create.

While on vacation there was a balance of resting on the beach in the sunlight reading, writing, and walking, along with going out to see history that surrounds the area of St. Augustine. I went to the Spanish Market that is filled with restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, folk art shops. It was fantastic there. I went to a couple of cathedrals there which were breath taking beautiful. I also wrote a few poems while at the beach:

My hair combed
By the wind, scented
With salt of the sea


Sand bar full of
Shells, thrown up from
Seas' inside, born to the
Sun from darkness to light
Like the lotus
Leaves the mud and muck
To emerge into sunlight
Watching day born from night

A mind of it's own
Free thinker
Reacts on every whim

It was refreshing to walk on the beach, sand beneath and between my toes, the cold water lapping at my feet, the sun warming my body.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Christina at Soul Aperture is hosting the simple things that make us happy on July 8th. I am posting early. Thank you Christina for your constant inspiration, it means the world to me.

All the simple things that bring joy, add to a monumental thing called life. I love that life is made up of all the simple things that bring pleasure and joy. I am loving the extra time that I am getting to spend reading in the gazebo. The gazebo is surrounded by flowers in full bloom, trees, bird feeders with a large amount of birds and squirrels visiting. I love to be in nature, watching the sunset with all of my senses engaged to the world around me. I love every evening sitting in nature reading, contemplating, and sharing some time with a stray cat that I have been feeding for several weeks now. She is a black and white tuxedo cat and she will sit in the grass in the fading sun while I read, she naps, stretches lazily, naps again, but at the same time she seems to be keenly aware of everything going on around her. I am abundantly thankful for the precious, fun life I have been given.