Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometimes I find it difficult to stay in the present moment. I get wrapped up with incidents of the past; what happened, how it happened, how could it have happened, what could I have done to make situations better, different, or just ok. Other moments are spent dreaming about the future, a fantasy land of grasping. This thinking, both of the past and the future are endless, ceaseless cycles that spiral, sometimes spiral out of control creating issues within. I found myself just being today. Sitting out in the gazebo taking in nature. I found myself breathing with ease and love. Not wrapped up in some story or thought, but in letting myself just be. Taking in, soaking in my surroundings, the beauty around me. Oh the flowers are gorgeous in raucous bloom, color exploding, the lilies, rose of Sharon, hydrangeas, and a few azaleas. The bird song, a beautiful melody, doves coo peaceful. Thankful, grateful, for this second in time, not striving, or grasping for anything. Just being. Just being one with my life. Just be.