Sunday, April 14, 2013

     Spring break has been a time of exploring and discovery.  I have had both active and quite restorative days.  I have found myself swept away in antique shops, art galleries, an old college town filled with memories, and nature walks.  There have also been repetitive, day-to-day tasks such as laundry, cooking dinner, drinking coffee, lingering over a great novel.  I've planted, craved the cool feel of soil on my hands, it's scent permeated the air.  Dirty, messy, and refined artistic endeavors have helped me weave a life during Spring Break.   
     Last weekend at the start of break I was in Barnes and Noble one evening savoring a raspberry mocha reading a creative writing self help book.  As I read I jotted down words and phrases that caught my attention, captured my creativity for some reason.  I didn't even take out the journal I had with me, or write it on sticky notes that I always keep in my purse.  I scrawled these phrases and/or words on a napkin. 
Here are the creative tidbits:

~ sun greens leaves on trees

~random seams

~scatter shot


~silent spring

and a writing prompt = Evening was a time for........

These are topics that will be popping up in my creative writing soon! 

Saturday, April 06, 2013

     The first day of Spring Break has dawned breathtakingly beautiful!  The sun is shining bright, the sky clear and blue.  It is warm, there are a few light green buds on the trees, only a few leaves unfurling to feel the warmth.  Some trees sprout magenta hue blooms, bee buzz felling the first hints of spring.  Purple hyacynth poke their heads tentatively out of the ground.  Beautiful nature abounds all around.  The air laced with expectation!