Sunday, April 14, 2013

     Spring break has been a time of exploring and discovery.  I have had both active and quite restorative days.  I have found myself swept away in antique shops, art galleries, an old college town filled with memories, and nature walks.  There have also been repetitive, day-to-day tasks such as laundry, cooking dinner, drinking coffee, lingering over a great novel.  I've planted, craved the cool feel of soil on my hands, it's scent permeated the air.  Dirty, messy, and refined artistic endeavors have helped me weave a life during Spring Break.   
     Last weekend at the start of break I was in Barnes and Noble one evening savoring a raspberry mocha reading a creative writing self help book.  As I read I jotted down words and phrases that caught my attention, captured my creativity for some reason.  I didn't even take out the journal I had with me, or write it on sticky notes that I always keep in my purse.  I scrawled these phrases and/or words on a napkin. 
Here are the creative tidbits:

~ sun greens leaves on trees

~random seams

~scatter shot


~silent spring

and a writing prompt = Evening was a time for........

These are topics that will be popping up in my creative writing soon! 

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