Monday, March 30, 2009

Today is day four of the 37 day "challenge." This morning, the clock sounded like a screeching siren as it woke me up from peaceful sleep, but before my feet hit the floor I had a huge smile on my face. The poem I wrote today:

Over six billion
Voices speak
The same language
Which is love
We are not

Sunday, March 29, 2009

This morning I woke up, then smiled as I heard the birds chirping, and felt the cool breeze with the scent of rain coming in through the window. I felt grateful, vibrant, happy, and fully alive first thing in the morning, no grumpiness at all. I walked with my eyes wide open into the kitchen to get mocha, then settled in to write in my journal. This is the third morning I have woke up immediately smiling as my eyes were brightened by the light of day. Thank You God for the day I have been given.

I feel the tide of my emotions
Roll in and out
Like waves moving through me
Sometimes fierce, sometimes a gentle lull
Continuous, fluid, always in motion;
But, I always find calm and peace
Within my soul

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yesterday I began the 37 day challenge which is inspired by Patti Digh. Beginning day two, I realize I am going to add to this list and continue to see what works for me, what makes my heart and soul sing and soar, and other things that I should slough away and get rid of so I can feel light, free, peaceful, and in love with the world. I think with such positive feelings there are more positive changes that can happen in the world making it filled with peace, love, compassion, and happiness.

I plan on writing daily. I love to write but it is not something that I practice every day. When I write there is nothing else but the feel of the paper, pen, the thoughts, but yet my environment and surroundings are enhanced: the sun shines more brightly, reflecting off the newly light green leaves on trees, the breeze blows gently caressing my skin, the smell of freshly bloomed flowers smell more sweetly.

I am not a morning person. When I first wake up I am a grump. I will wake up daily with a smile on my face greeting the gift of a new day and reverence of this moment. This will set the tone of the day and open my heart to living in gratitude, being thankful.

These are the two main areas of focus right now. Thank you Patti for your inspiration.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is a wonderful quote by Su Tung-Po' I had on my calendar this morning when I turned the page to a new day. It sent a calm, focused feeling straight through me that carried me through the day.

"Strike your own evening drum, morning bell,
then shut the door.
Lamp burning low by a solitary pillow;
gray ashes where just now you stirred
the stove to red.
Lie and listen to raindrops splattering the
Su Tung-Po'

Monday, March 16, 2009

We are memory gatherers
Collecting experiences
To help define our
Future selves
When all we
Truly need is
This moment
Then, let it go
Nothing defines
Us but
True Spirit
Of God in our

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Creativity is fickle. I am finally used to inspiration flowing to me easily at times while other times are very stagnant and non productive. There are the ups and downs, ebbs and flows to every aspect of life. I am grateful, feel happier, and better, when creativity flows through my veins red, hot, and fiery. It is a cycle and I truly believe that I need the coolness of creativity's hibernation to set in before I can fully take on inspiration's power again, thus creating.
With the sudden burst of spring like weather this week I have felt a rekindling of my creative spirit emerging with the first green sprouts of spring. Then today is rainy and cold again, but I keep in mind there must be rain in order to nourish the vibrant colors of flowers, trees, and life. These are three separate poems.

When in a loud crowd
I often wish for a solitary
Moment of quiet time with
My books, journal, canvas,
And paints.
In the stillness
That is when
I can hear creativity's
Urgent whisper inspiring me.
Shards of light
Shine through
Spaces between
Black limbs,
Reflecting golden
Off waxy green
Magnolia leaves
Complexity of
Nature's beauty
Takes my breath
Filling me with
A yearning for
Spring in full bloom
A silver moon
Casts it's changing
Light on a blue, black
River, illuminating
Life underneath
Darting, playful life