Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yesterday I began the 37 day challenge which is inspired by Patti Digh. Beginning day two, I realize I am going to add to this list and continue to see what works for me, what makes my heart and soul sing and soar, and other things that I should slough away and get rid of so I can feel light, free, peaceful, and in love with the world. I think with such positive feelings there are more positive changes that can happen in the world making it filled with peace, love, compassion, and happiness.

I plan on writing daily. I love to write but it is not something that I practice every day. When I write there is nothing else but the feel of the paper, pen, the thoughts, but yet my environment and surroundings are enhanced: the sun shines more brightly, reflecting off the newly light green leaves on trees, the breeze blows gently caressing my skin, the smell of freshly bloomed flowers smell more sweetly.

I am not a morning person. When I first wake up I am a grump. I will wake up daily with a smile on my face greeting the gift of a new day and reverence of this moment. This will set the tone of the day and open my heart to living in gratitude, being thankful.

These are the two main areas of focus right now. Thank you Patti for your inspiration.

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