Saturday, March 14, 2009

Creativity is fickle. I am finally used to inspiration flowing to me easily at times while other times are very stagnant and non productive. There are the ups and downs, ebbs and flows to every aspect of life. I am grateful, feel happier, and better, when creativity flows through my veins red, hot, and fiery. It is a cycle and I truly believe that I need the coolness of creativity's hibernation to set in before I can fully take on inspiration's power again, thus creating.
With the sudden burst of spring like weather this week I have felt a rekindling of my creative spirit emerging with the first green sprouts of spring. Then today is rainy and cold again, but I keep in mind there must be rain in order to nourish the vibrant colors of flowers, trees, and life. These are three separate poems.

When in a loud crowd
I often wish for a solitary
Moment of quiet time with
My books, journal, canvas,
And paints.
In the stillness
That is when
I can hear creativity's
Urgent whisper inspiring me.
Shards of light
Shine through
Spaces between
Black limbs,
Reflecting golden
Off waxy green
Magnolia leaves
Complexity of
Nature's beauty
Takes my breath
Filling me with
A yearning for
Spring in full bloom
A silver moon
Casts it's changing
Light on a blue, black
River, illuminating
Life underneath
Darting, playful life


Christina said...

I know, when inspiration is breathed into you, there is no feeling like it in the world. It's so natural. Obviously it touched you beautifully, through this poem it shows. This is so lovely.


Lori said...

Thank you so much Christina! Your encouragement, talented photography, and kind words inspire me. :)