Saturday, February 28, 2009

I hold my hands folded
Around a mug of steaming
Tea like a life perserver
Keeping me afloat
As the tears cascade
Down my face like
The rain outside my
I feel cleansed,
Clarity surfaces
In many forms,
I feel cleansed.


Christina said...

Hmm... this is bliss! It's the cleansing of tears that help us, see things more clear.
: )
I love ya! My shoulder is here, if you need it.

Lori said...

AAAWW! Thank you Christina! It is very cleansing, a good release of emotions. I always feel better after a good cry. Thank you, I love you too!!!!! I'm here for you too. :)

Relyn said...

Oh. You are a poet. I am so moved by these tender words. Thank you for stopping by my blog to see Christina and leaving a comment that would allow me to find you. What true words you write. Thank you.

Lori said...

You are welcome and thank you Relyn for sharing your creative passion filled blog! :)