Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There are the first few twinges of Spring to air right now. When those first signs begin to show themselves then Spring fever errupts. I love the scent outside during this time of year, the scent of hope. Before our eyes we will see Spring blooming in full, vibrant color.

At the library on Sunday when I was browsing the mystery section, a man who was about eighty years old came over to the woman behind the desk. He began to talk to her and one of the first things he said as he made small talk was commenting on the weather. He was giddy with the sudden warm weather and said on his drive over to the library he got spring fever. Everyone was smiling because the man said what everyone was thinking. There is a happiness, love, peace, vibrancy, and hope about the first buds of spring, sprouting to beginnings that touches a part of each and every person. Maybe it is touching the youth, the child, in all of us that still lingers wanting to be set free again, to run down green hillsides with a kite blowing in the wind, hearing the whistle of a distant train getting closer in the first of Spring's warm breezes.

Sitting out in nature I was listening to the world and this is the poem I worked on.

There is something
About a train's
Whistle as it
Echoes out over
The late winter
Silence that makes
Me yearn for Spring's
Warm embrace.


Christina said...

I love this! I love trains! My imagination took off, from your first line.

I know, Spring is in the air. I am hoping it arrives soon. : )

Lori said...

Thank you Christina! I love trains also. I live where I have heard them all my life and love their forlorn sound.
Oh I am so hoping Spring will be here SOON also, can't wait, I love this time of year! :)