Sunday, March 29, 2009

This morning I woke up, then smiled as I heard the birds chirping, and felt the cool breeze with the scent of rain coming in through the window. I felt grateful, vibrant, happy, and fully alive first thing in the morning, no grumpiness at all. I walked with my eyes wide open into the kitchen to get mocha, then settled in to write in my journal. This is the third morning I have woke up immediately smiling as my eyes were brightened by the light of day. Thank You God for the day I have been given.

I feel the tide of my emotions
Roll in and out
Like waves moving through me
Sometimes fierce, sometimes a gentle lull
Continuous, fluid, always in motion;
But, I always find calm and peace
Within my soul


Christina said...

Don't you just loves days like that.

Yes, thank you God, for all your glory.

; )

Lori said...

Love days like that, yes! :)