Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some days are just so wonderful, most days are. There is always a steady stream of optimism coursing through my veins and body. The best description is this: sometimes optimism pops, bursts, flows through me, where I feel it’s energy everywhere. I then think of something I read by Jack Kornfield where he says, “We remember our original nature, the boundless heart which contains all things, yet is not limited by them.” In those moments when everything just seems to fit together cohesively that is when we are our original selves. We are filled with light and when we allow our authentic, original part of us shine, the light only gets brighter and brighter. When our light does get brighter, we send it out into the world making it a better more uplifted place.

“All positive energy to the benefit of all living things.” I read this quote several months ago and have written it on a post it note which is on my computer so when I am writing poetry or talking to a friend it is a reminder right there in front of me. I read it everyday like a mantra that is getting memorized by my body, mind, and spirit in hopes it penetrates all aspects of my life so that it can be part of my light, to be shared with others. What we convey to others is brought back to us, making our light stronger or dimming our light. This quote reminds me that I want to send out positive energy to others because ultimately what I do to others is what I do to myself. Love yourself, be your authentic voice, true, and let your light shine bright!


Carnal Zen said...

my computer note just says social identity...because if we forget what our role is in this life (to love) than we metastasize and become cancer. Great post my friend.

Lori said...

Thank you Dawn! I love what you have said, yes our main role ever is love, love it!