Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I am so happy I waited until today to vote because I absolutely loved to feel the excitement as I was there voting. Truly, I knew standing in line, people were making history and making our country and world a better place as we casted our ballots. This is such a beautiful country and world. Our President's actions, reactions, and policies, set the stage and an example around the globe.

Yes, we are on the cusp of history, with winds of change blowing through our country and ultimately our world, scattering seeds of hope!

YES OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!


Christina said...

This is such glory! I am ready to heal, I think we all are ready to heal.

The sun us shining! What a blessing!

Lori said...

Yes! What a blessing! I love it. So very happy today!
The word/name Barack literally means blessing - interesting! So ready to heal and I think he is the answer so we can begin that process. I have been inspired and motivated by all of your political words of wisdom. Thanks Christina!

Frankie said...

Yes we can! Yes we did!!


Lori said...

YES! I think about that one word and how it leaves us open to so many possibilities!