Wednesday, November 05, 2008

When my alarm clock went off this morning I heard Senator John Lewis rejoicing on the morning radio station I listen to. It was a wonderful way to start my bright and sunny day. I am relieved and so very happy to know we have a Democrat back in office and that is Barack Obama. He is living proof that any dream and aspiration a person has, if the goal is sincerely thought with good intention, a person will achieve and live their dream, ultimately helping others. He is not only the person who will do his best to mend a broken hearted nation, but the world.

I support our nation and our troops. I am proud of the men and women who risk their lives daily to ensure that people are kept safe, but now it is time to look at a way to bring them home to their families. This time is way overdue and now we will begin to see this happen because of Barack Obama. He believes in a strong family and that can begin to take place with more of our troops back in our country leading and living peaceful lives, not fighting. I feel like now I can be proud of our nation, our troops, and the wonderful leadership that starts with a new President. Barack Obama is what this country has been waiting for to bring fresh new ideas, concepts, policies, and to think outside the box to come up with innovative solutions that we can all be proud of and be able to stand behind to support. I feel warm happiness as I know that he will do everything, give every issue his 110% and work for everyone.

Every decision that the President makes effects everyone in our country and throughtout the world. We are all connected; there is a common connection between every single person. In that web of continuous connection the link is love. I feel love and hope growing again in America and our world. Let it catch hold in our hearts and grow to engulf all that you do in your life. There is so much inspiration emanating from President elect Barack Obama that it is contagious. I am so proud of Barack Obama and the United States of America right now to have taken such a leap in our democracy. Words are inadequate to fully express the impact this will have on everyone and to ingest this much needed change. I am very proud; pride swells in my heart.


Christina said...

How true your words ring. This is amazing to see. The pride that is beaming off of people as I walk down the street. This is the America I know.

Such wonderful words, my friend.

Lori said...

Thank you Christina. It is amazing to see people and bright smiles on their faces, as though we all know the undercurrent is changing and new positive freshness is coming to the surface. Love these feelings!

Frankie said...

Yes, yes, yes! Me too. I feel like for the first time in a long time, I am really hopeful for the future of our country. It is such a pivotal moment in history and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Thanks for this beautiful post so filled with hope and truth. xox

Lori said...

Hi Frankie,
Thank you! I like the way you describe it as a pivotal moment, most definitely!