Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tomorrow evening I start my first yoga class. I have been interested in yoga for years, practicing on my own and with videos, but this will be my first structured class. I am very excited but also nervous about it. Checking out and participating in a structured yoga class was a goal I set for myself at the beginning of 2008. I have spent all this time researching and looking for a class that I thought I could get the most from and learn the most. It is Pranakriya yoga that focuses on breathing while in the postures, promotes relaxation and will help to deal with everyday stresses. I think that all yoga would have these benefits but this type spoke to me and what I am looking for in a class. I can't wait and I am so looking forward to it!


Christina said...

Hmm... yoga, the sound of it makes me relax. I so hope you enjoy yourself while there.

Lori said...

Hi Christina,
Thank you I did enjoy it so very much. It was invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. I came by your blog and loved it. I tried to leave a comment and it wouldn't post. I am sure that it was user error on my part. I'll come back and try it. Thanks! :-)

Vintagedivva said...

You go girl!!!
That is a great way to really get centered, relax and be present!
I tried the other know...the Pretzel Yoga and the whole room was full of sweaty people and that wasn't my idea of relaxation because we were all cramed in together like sardines in a very tiny room and since I work with people all up in my space pretty much all day already, that type of yoga didn't work for me, so I want to wish you luck that you have found the right type of yoga and I hope you have a blast!
Fun times!

Carnal Zen said...

Heee hee hee welcome to the addiction. I love classes (with good teachers) because you get to play with new postures, new sequences and new words of wisdom. Glad you enjoyed it!

Lori said...

Hi Nikki and Dawn,
Thank you! It was absolutely wonderful!!!!! I loved it! It was blissful!!!! I checked out the description of many classes because a friend of mine does the power/heated yoga with the heat on, doors, windows closed, and I couldn't deal with that I don't think. I didn't know anyone there but really liked the group of people and the instructor was great. Yes Dawn I am so addicted to it now. Went ahead and signed up for 6 classes and then will sign up for more when those 6 weeks are over. I'm disappointed it is only one day a week though, wish it were a couple of days a week. I felt relaxed and invigorated!