Friday, December 26, 2008

This story is a bit different for me. I usually do not write from the fantasy perspective, but it was refreshing to let the imagination run freely. Sometimes I feel like just letting go in writing and letting the imagination go where it wants and needs to go. As a child I loved the thought of Pegasus, unicorns, or any magical creature, they all captured my interest and fed my imagination. When I came across this writing prompt from Heather Blakey at the writing site SoulFood Cafe I had to write a story to get my imagination flowing. Here is the result. Thank you Heather for providing a fountain of ideas to spark creativity!

For days and days, tour after tour, I traveled to remote, populated, and exotic places. On the fifth day we docked in the Gulf of Corinth to visit Greece. I fell in love with the gorgeous clear blue water and warm salt breeze that greeted us. After much debating, we all decided one stop had to be Mount Helicon. The group laughed and joked about having to keep our eyes peeled for the famed winged Pegasus of Hippocrene. As we ate lunch I would occassionally steal looks at the azure sky which had a few puffy white clouds. Every time I looked up I felt silly, embarrassed by my childish fantasy, eager to see Pegasus that only exists in myths, figments of wild imaginations. People began cleaning up where we ate, then began gathering their things.

The assignment while we were there was for each of us to find a secluded spot to write, reflect, contemplate, sketch, create and capture some spontaneous ripple of inspiration. I was intoxicated by my surroundings. I went to the aged rocks of the Hippocrene. Furry green moss cushioned where I sat with my back against an ancient stone wall. I looked in the blue green water, sighed a contented sigh, let my breath out slowly. The day had grown hot and the cool stone felt great to my heated flesh. I gazed wistfully, taking in the soothing sound of a trickling water, the sway of the trees blowing gently in the wind, the smells of divine flowers wafting to my nose; my senses engaged to my surroundings.

Finally I took out my journal wanting to capture what I saw and felt, realizing words could never completely describe what I was experiencing. In the warm sun's rays I let my head loll gently back onto the rock wall. I squinted into the sun, then I sat in a day dream looking up into the gorgeous sky. Lost in a transcendental moment I was suddenly snapped back into reality by a magnificient sight. A speck in the distance caught my eye. Something huge and white was gliding in slow wide circles across the endless blue sky. Shielding my eyes from the bright sun, I tried to get a better look at the object. Still all I could make out were enormous snow white wings. As it slowly descended, getting closer, I gasped. The most beautiful with wings, the famed Pegasus, landed gracefully a good distance away from me, then trotted over to greet me. I stood mesmorized, not able to take my eyes from him.

Pegasus swished his tail, stamped his feet, threw back his mane. He was the most beautiful creature. We stared, sizing one another up. With what seemed like an eternity, I finally worked up the courage to ever so slowly extend my hand to Pegasus' nose. I took a deep breath as I felt his soft fur. He blinked at me with his sweet chocolate brown eyes, then nuzzled my hand. I fed him some left over purple grapes, patted him on the side playfully. I smiled as I began to rub his fur and comb my fingers through his silky mane. Then he bowed to me. Puzzled by his behavior, I did not understand this at all. Pegasus snorted and nodded his head to me. I looked into his eyes which were filled with love and fiery life. An unspoken command surged from him to me, comprehension dawned on me. Without any hesitation, I walked beside him, gently holding onto his side, I threw my leg over, climbed onto Pegasus' back. He immediately stood up. I seemed to be sitting on top of a mountain; little gasps of happiness, exhilaration, and nervousness escaped from my lips as he joyfully pranced. Then with one giant unexpected leap we were in the air; we flew higher and higher. The tree tops became tiny pin pricks as the grass became small squares covering the tapestry of land. We were warmed by bright sun as a cool breeze swept over us from all sides. At times the wind was strong, but Pegasus had a destination and his goal was to get us there. I had no idea where his determined flying would take me, all I cared about was the freedom that I felt gliding through the air on that beautiful strong creature's back.

We continued to fly on and on, day turned to night. The creamy cobalt sky was thick with stars as they twinkled and the moon glowed with a warm amber light. I giggled as the wind blew my hair out, fanned it behind me, tickled my face. Pegasus glanced down then turned his head slightly toward me to let me know it was time to land; we began our slow descent. I understood him, we again had unspoken communication vibrating between us. When we landed with a gentle thud I was almost disappointed. But when I stepped off Pegasus, he looked me straight in the eyes, telling me the adventure was far from over. He nudged my hand as if to guide me. On the ground we walked a silver moon lit path through a meadow surrounded by trees. I trusted Pegasus, letting him lead the way into the unknown. We walked to the edge of some woods. That is when I first noticed a house, a little cottage, set back in the trees with smoke billowing from the chimney.

Pegasus prodded me on; before I knew it I was at the door of the cottage only to discover it was open. He stood so close, not giving me an inch to move, he wanted me to go inside. I peeked in the door then stepped inside reluctantly. The room was cozy and inviting. I couldn't resist it; I walked into the center of the room, took in my surroundings, from floor to ceiling four walls lined with book shelves filled with books, from the comfy overstuffed pale green chair beside a roaring fire, to the desk at the window with a view of the meadow and woods. Gathering myself I walked to the door to have a look in the other rooms. In the next room I found a kitchen and dining room table. The next room was a bedroom and the last was a bathroom with a huge claw foot tub. I thought in that second, oh to take a hot bubble bath in that!

The room laden with books captured my attention again. I wandered back to the library looking at the shelf nearest to me. Books of poetry, short stories, novels, cookbooks, books on art, and of every subject lined each and every surface. I browsed and browsed, finally spotting the camouflaged ladder built into the book shelf. So I climbed up to see the books on the top most shelves. I collected several books of poetry to explore. Quickly I climbed down to sit in a chair beside the fire. I read poem after poem, devouring them. I stared into the fire for a very long time watching orange-red, blue-white flames. Finally I was compelled to go to the desk beside the window. On the black wood spacious desk I found lilac assessories: a pencil holder, file container, paper, but all green pencils and pens. I sat down at the big desk marveling at the contrast of colors; the dark of the desk, the light lilac and pale green, all blended and meshed to become a contrast in beauty.

I began to write about meeting Pegasus, of his glorious mane and the unspoken communication between us. I was so absorbed in writing, I was in the moment, I barely paid attention to how warm it was inside, how drowsy I was becoming. Finally I dozed off to sleep in a deep sleep, only to be jolted awake a few minutes later as someone called my name. I slowly opened my eyes and found the group of people I was traveling with staring down at me. I was lying on the rocks in the warm afternoon sun on the banks of the Hippocrene. One of my friends said, "Wow, looks like you wrote a good long story before you drifted off to sleep!" I lifted my journal, read the entry about my encounter with Pegasus. I smiled and squinted once more to the open azure sky above just in time to see a quick white flicker dart behind some trees.


Heather Blakey said...

I am so pleased that you have used a prompt from Soul Food to ignite some fantasy. Your work brings back many memories as I did manage to visit many of these places on a 'pilgrimage for my muse' in 2001. Maintain the daily practice and enjoy!

Lori said...

Thank you Heather! I hope you continue to provide constant inspiration for others!

Christina said...

This is beautiful. I can tell you took your time and went deep. I love that you bared your soul and shared with us. You are brave sweetie! You are, and I love that.

You are an inspiration to me, and so many others. Each time I speak with you, your love for this crafts seeps through.

You are an incredible story teller.

Lori said...

Thank you Christina so much!!!!!! Oh gosh - WOW!!!!!! Yes I love to write, not to say that I always do it well, but I love to write and get the imagination going! Christina you are so wise and brave, you inspire me! You my dear friend are a incredible phtogprapher and tell the truth from your heart!

Lori said...

That should say you are an incredible photographer and tell the truth from your heart.