Monday, February 18, 2008

In the essence

Of my being

I hear creativity's

Urgent whisper

Which my

Soul craves

If I am only still

And quiet enough

To listen


Frankie said...

Yes, as I sit here quietly behind my computer, I hear it too. I often wonder if I could make my life more quiet, more still, if I would ALWAYS hear such inspiration. It's amazing how creativity can get drowned out in the noisy businesses of our daily routines. Thanks for the reminder to listen. xoxo

Lori said...

Thank you. Yes I wonder if we did take the time each day for contemplative quiet moments how much more creative we could be? We must invite that creative spark into our lives daily.

Sky said...

nice, lori. this post reminds me of my belief that we have all the information we ever need about our feelings and what we need to do to take care of ourselves - if we only listen, if we simply pay careful attention to that inner part of ourselves. sometimes it is so hard to do, isn't it? distractions and fear walk (race?) in, and we abandon ourselves.

i am so glad you came by my blog a while back and hope you will visit again. i will enjoy getting to know you by reading more of your blog. :)

Lori said...

Thank you! Yes we do get so wrapped up in daily lives it is difficult to tune in to your inner self. I too believe we are everything we need or would ever want to be we just have to tap into that. Yes I will definitely visit your blog!