Saturday, December 01, 2012

Some Thoughts On Writing:
  When reading about the writing process people talk about word choice, using the perfect words.  I'm not a verbage snob.  For me, the purpose of writing is the feeling, motivation, and the purging behind a piece that makes it profound.  Writing can be the healing process behind many of life's ups and downs.  I acknowledge there should be a balance between writing from feeling and focusing on word choice.  I have a method, a process in my madness when I write.  First, I write for feeling, it's my spark writing where all the juicy images emerge.  Then, I re read, edit, and re write using more effective, more interesting, and a variety of words that helps the fluidity of the story.  The main purpose of writing is the enjoyment of the process and I do love writing!  It provides me with an outlet to put my life to paper in a meaningful, enriching way.    

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