Sunday, December 16, 2012

Good friends and laughter can only describe the evening I had yesterday.  I am thankful for my friends, they mean the world to me.  The afternoon started around 2:30.  The five of us met at a friend's house.  We left around 3:00 for afternoon Christmas tea in Atlanta.  My friend has a van that seated us all comforatbly.  Only one out of six of us had gone to afternoon tea before, so it was a new experience for all of us.  We are a low maintence group of women so tea at the Four Seasons was such a treat.  The restaurant in the hotel is Park 75.  It was so elegant and beautiful.  Absolutely gorgeous!  They brought out boxes that held little bottles of the sample of tea for us.  We loved the scent of each one.  I chose masala black chai tea.  WOW!  It was fantastic!  One of my friends and I got the vegetarian tea sandwiches, which included pasteries, chocolate truffles, cucumber tea sandwiches, tomatoes with hummus, raspberry rolls. Absolutely delicious!  We had a gift exchange.  The atmosphere, ambiance, was so great.  There was a wedding going on, we got to see the bride briefly walk from one room to another accompanied by the groom, and someone from the wedding party.  All elegantly dressed, the other woman with a pillbox hat cocked to one side of her head.  There was another woman with her miniature dogs with their designer leopard print carriers out front.  Valet brought the van around and we got in.  We drove down Peachtree.  I was thinking about fifty years ago to the night was the premiere of Gone With the Wind; that very street lined with cars, paprazzi, a grand time for some brilliant actors.  We passed the High Museum, Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta Campus, (SCAD) many well known restaurants.  The mansions of Peachtree were lit in all their beauty of Christmas lights.  We rode through many streets of Atlanta, then made our was to West Paces Ferry Road where we looked in awe at the Governor's mansion.  Very beautifully decorated.  I cherish the memories made of last night, the laughter, and the connection to good friends! 

Me at the Four Seasons
Me drinking tea          
Our food

Me and the girls        

Steps of Four Seasons
A fun night was had by all!


christina said...

this looks like a beautiful time. i am so glad you has such a a lovely tea.

Lori said...

Thank you Christina! It was nice!