Sunday, December 02, 2012

I love Maya Angelou!  This quote by Maya Angelou is so profound and wise:

"In the sweet shadow of Thanksgiving I am giving forgiveness to everyone I thought had ill treated me. I want to enter the Christmas month with a clean slate. I want to think that everyone I know can enter the last month of this year free of any ill will between us. Let us all go into December 2012 free, giving and expecting the good thing."

Last night, I liked this quote so much that I posted it on Facebook.  I had a friend who made the comment that it was a nice quote, but sometimes the hurt someone has inflicted onto you is too great, hard to move past.  I agree that it can be difficult to forgive and we hold onto it.  So my response to her on Facebook was I agreed and that it takes time.  I didn't want to seem "preachy" but wanted to say to heal does take time, but once you realize that holding onto the grudge and not forgiving only hurts yourself, then you let it go.  I believe the other person who has done the hurting has moved on, its finished, the story has ended for them.  We are so wrapped up in our hurt,  and accusing, that we literally hold onto it in our bodies.  This brings bigger health issues to us.  Just release, let go, talk to God, forgive, heal.  You, your health, your mind, your body, your soul will be better for it. 

So I let go, forgive, release, and enter the Christmas month with a clean slate.  Life is good, I feel the Magic of the Season!

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