Sunday, December 09, 2012

     I've set my mind and made a decision about my health.  As of today I'm going to adopt a vegan lifestyle and excerise daily.  I do not, let me say that again, I do not like to exerise at all.  I do like to hike and walk at the park.  I've thought of eating vegan before and found the idea daunting, but being a vegetarian already becoming vegan will be easy.  It's all a mind set.  So I've changed my mind to thinking of 100% vegan lifestyle as easy and excerising is something I enjoy.  All of my life I've struggled with my weight, I'm a size 14, so I've always considered myself chubby, not obese, but by Doctor's standards I am obese.  Within the last few days I've had several incidence that have called to me.  I know that these are signs, my intuition telling me to make lifestyle changes.  I teach First Grade and love it.  On Friday the classes had Grinch day.  The students were able to wear green shirts, Santa hats, make Grinch masks to wear.  My class watched the Grinch movie while eating pickles, green candy canes, green mints, green gum balls.  There were Grinch T-Shirts at Wal-Mart that I looked at.  All of these shirts were in junior sizes, therefore I didn't get a shirt for Grinch day, but wore a green fleece shirt, which was cute.  Yesterday I was at the mall and tried on a few dressy shirts because I was looking for one to wear to a Christmas tea next Saturday.  I found a beautiful red shirt at Macys with red sequence on it that I can wear with black pants and look appropriate for the tea.  I did try on four of five shirts that were too tight on me.  I made a choice for this to not spoil my day, the shopping trip, but also made a determined decision in my mind that I would get healthy by releasing weight. 
     This morning I've stretched, worked out for forty minutes, stretched again.  I did four reps of twenty with hand weights, fifteen minute cardio dance work out, stretched with a pilates stretching band, and 500 crunches.  This may seem a bit extreme, but when I make my mind up to do something, I do it whole heartedly.  I ate a veggie burger with lettuce, tomatoes, veggie cheese, no bread, just the veggie pattie with toppings, and a side of broccoli.  I've had 24 oz of water today.  This evening I will be making smoothies for the week.  I want to have a smoothie each morning for breakfast.  The best way to do this is if I make them Sunday evening.  I'll have five 8 oz. cups that I'll freeze the smoothie in and take out the night before, putting in the fridge for it to be ready to drink the next morning.  It won't take much to veganize my life, because I was already pretty much there.  I do have a four pack of Frappuccino Mocha from Starbucks that I'll give to one of my friends that I work with.  On my to do list is to pack the mocha up and take to her tomorrow.  I will not struggle with my weight any longer.  I'm on a path to healthy living where food does not control me.  If I give myself only healthy choices then there's only one option and it'll be easy. 

     Off to make a Green Monster smoothie! 


christina said...

i send you healthy and good wishes in the new year.

Lori said...

Thank you! One step at a time I guess.