Tuesday, January 01, 2013

On the first day of the new year I am embarking on a new prjoect.  It is Small Stones from the Writing Our Way Home site.  I love to write what I call spark writing, but in reading information about Small Stones I realize that spark writing and small stones are the same.  This writing challenge, to write a small piece every day will open up and free me creatively.  If I'm writing small, then I'm going to choose the best word that fits.  The limits end up expanding my boundaries.  Thinking of the best word causes me to brainstorm.  The brainstorming frees up my mind, and thought process to go on to write from a deeper well.  This is observation of the world around and mindful writing in action.

Pelting rain against my window
Halo of fog hovering
Bare tree branches stretch
And I awaken to another day
Filled with wonder. 

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