Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day:
It's Thanksgiving Day and I'm so very thankful!  After a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch with my family I sat on my patio in the sunshine writing.  It was such a warm, and gorgeous day today!  I know that every day is perfect, every moment of everyday is perfect, every second, but in moments like this I know that is true.  I feel the perfection of this moment, not because of any previous good meal earlier in the day, or any man made contriving, but because the second is full of life.  Here I am sitting in a bright yellow fold out camping chair, a pair of tennis shoes on, white, comfy socks, jeans, green fleece shirt, my hair is fixed cute, but I'm not wearing makeup.  Sitting here in the cool late Autumn sunshine listening to neighborhood kids play a pick up game of football, falling leaves rattling as they fall through the branhes to the ground, squirrels making noise.  Yes, this moment is full and perfect and for that I'm so very thankful, bless, and grateful!  Peace and contentment!  Thank you God for blessing me abundantly and unconditionally! 

These photos were taken of my dining room and table decorated before Thanksgiving lunch and photos taken during my walk a few hours after lunch. 

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