Friday, July 16, 2010

As a tribute to your birthday we are giving you a SURPRISE of our list of things that we love.
You are at the top of my list followed by:
my family
Mocha my kitten
summer thunderstorms
sunset in the gazebo reading and writing
chai tea
time praying and meditating
Thank you Christina because you are such a special person! You enrich my life and touch so many lives with your optimism, love, and compassion! Thank you!


SE'LAH... said...

time praying and meditating...
oh yes, i'll join you.

one love.

Christina said...

you mean the world to me, friend. i am SO happy you joined in. i love your list.

Lori said...

Thanks Se'leh, come on over and join me.
Thank you Christina! You are one special person!

kath said...

These are truly words from the heart and soul. Those two girls are the best in my book ... Se'Lah and Christina have brought us all together

Lori said...

Thanks Kath! It's a beautiful thing to be brought together like this!