Saturday, January 31, 2009

I have been very introspective lately. I have been thinking, losing myself, finding myself as I notice the twinkling shine of Venus so close to the moon, two other stars' milky light in the southern half of the sky ascending higher, moving north west slowly. Then the winter morning, bright and silky, fresh, starting anew. Then as I walked outside, the chilly wind hit me, but it was refreshing, cleansing, as I listened to the wind chimes jingle and the iron sun, moon, star and beaded blue and red sun catcher dazzled beautifully capturing my attention.

The quote in my calendar for today says, "The startling reality of things is my discovery every single day," by Fernando Pessoa. There is a crispness and clarity that winter reality brings.

Only half poems have been running around in my head the last few days, not coherent whole poems, just lines, half lines that are my fluttering thoughts and feelings. But now looking at them, all of these could be combined into one poem.

Barren trees,
Their limbs as black
As midnight
Look like roots
Piercing the dusky
Winter wind
Whispers quietly
Through these trees
As they stand tall
In the chill.

I am thankful for this day!


Christina said...

I love this sweetheart. The feelings you shared are beautiful.

I am thankful too, thankful for our friendship.

Lori said...

Thank you Christina for your encouraging words and for our wonderful friendship! :)