Monday, June 10, 2013

     It's a poetry writing, coffee sipping, library visiting kind of rainy day.  Summer, a time to nourish my creative side, to listen and let my ideas run free, flying.  In the quietness the words come to me, poems not written to perfection, but my words that my heart and soul want and need to say. 

Dawn breaks
A thousand birds
Sing a chorus
Of beautiful voices
Orchestrated by
An unseen hand.

Another poem I worked on:

Sky opens to a
Deluge of rain
An unseen hand

The last poem is a little longer than the other two.  The last five lines need some tightening but I'm pleased with the first part of the poem, just some tweaking with the last lines later on.

Gloriously lived
Shatters and scatters us
Pieces left in shadow
Others in sunlight
Fragmented yet whole
Goes on living
With an open,
Yet guarded heart
Puts on a societal mask
To shield the soul
But honest, forthcoming
In my heart
That others do not need to see
It is felt, experienced,
Acknowledged, guarded safely,
Known honestly by me,
What's inside of me.

     Through this writing I am aware that I'm focusing on the "unseen hand", which is God leading my life, people's lives, and all of nature.  God is in ultimate control, so that leads me to an underlying belief in connection and trust.  I trust God to lead me to create what nourishes me, my life, and hopefully extending that to help others.   

     Later on this afternoon I plan on taking out a canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, and letting God work through me to surrender to creating.  I want my hand to flutter color across the stark white canvas to create beauty, letting it flow, surrendering, and letting go.  Time to exhale. 

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