Sunday, March 24, 2013

Interesting!  This past week has been very interesting!  I find myself more and more feeling blessed beyond measure and gracious for life!  There have been many opporunities to be a participant as my life unfolds.  I have not been forcing, pushing, striving, I've turned it all over to God.  This has allowed me to stand in the River of Life and be taken with the current, not swimming against it, but floating along.  Many times in the past week I have been in situations that could be called "uncomfortable" but there was nothing to do about them but just breathe through it, smile, and be swept away with the current.  I was driving in a hail storm, with strong winds, lightning and thunder on Tuesday.  There was nothing to do but sit in my car and wait for it to pass.  Many other times God's grace saw me through.  There was never a time that I even thought about working against what was going on around me.  I knew that it was time to surrender and let my life unfold as God planned.  I have been happy and rewarded by a new found strength and confidence because of having experienced these incidence in my life.  For this I am thankful!  Unfold, breathe, and be!

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