Friday, April 10, 2009

Days 13, 14, 15 of the 37 Day Challenge:
On Monday and Tuesday it snowed, so Wednesday through today, we have had typical early spring weather. I have been out and about enjoying these gorgeous days, whether it was sitting in the window seat on windy chilly Wednesday at Borders, drinking a hot chai tea, writing, driving to the lake to look at spring flourishing all around me, sitting in the gazebo in my backyard in the evening, or antique shopping yesterday, and afterward eating at the Varsity. Being in nature is a balm for my soul. I have been graciously waking with a smile on my face each and every morning as the sun wakes me. Also I have been writing a poem a day. This is the poem from yesterday:

I hunger for the
Sunlight of Spring
To spread itself
From sunrise -
To twilight
With the glorious
Sounds of birdsong,
Wind whispering
It's rustle through
New greenery, hearing
The pop as flowers
Bloom into raucous
Vibrant colors
A beauty only
God could create


Gillian said...

A wonderful poem that now makes me long that much more to be outside.
Today I'm heading out with my camera, you've inspired me.

Frankie said...

Yay gorgeous weather!! And yay a gorgeous poem!! I love the "hunger for the sunlight of spring." That's exactly what this poem does - make me hunger for it. Just perfection. xoxo

Lori said...

Thank you Gillian and Frankie. This is beautiful weather that inspires me so much! xo to both of you! :)